The pros to living off campus


Shippensburg University is in the process of updating dorm rooms into suites, now called residence halls. While these are much nicer than the traditional dorm room, they can still be a pain to deal with.

One of the only perks of living on campus is already being on campus for your classes. You could roll out of bed two minutes before you have to leave and still make it to class. Also, you have close access to the computer labs, library, dining halls and the recreation center. This is nice, especially if you do not have a car on campus.

For those of you who do have a car on campus, you will face the harsh reality of having to park in the storage lot, if you are a freshmen or sophomore standing. Some of the residence halls that are on the other side of campus have a long walk to get access to a vehicle.

In an apartment, your car could be located literally right outside your doorstep.

But with all of these vanities in close proximity comes a hefty price. The suites are definitely nicer than a traditional dorm room, and they make you pay for it. Compared to the $2,288 that is charged for a traditional hall, a suite can range anywhere from to $3,750 to $4,300, according to the Shippensburg University housing website.

Living in an apartment that includes a kitchen and a living room could cost less than it would to live in a residence hall.

With a full apartment could come more of an adult-style life. Yes, you would have more responsibilities. But with those responsibilities comes a real-world experience that you can live and learn from.

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Having a full kitchen could mean venturing away from the same meals served in dining halls and the Ceddia Union Building every week. The possibilities of what you can make are endless when you live off campus.

There are many different options for locations and layouts of apartments when you are looking off campus. Some apartments, like in Brookside, offer rooms that include their own bathrooms. In College Park, some levels even include a balcony.

Depending on living preferences, living off campus could be the choice for you. Dorm or suite life is made for a select few, but others, like yourself, may want to venture out into looking for an apartment.

It is never too early to start looking for apartments. Some even offer discounted pricing if a lease is signed earlier in the year. It is better to explore the possibilities than settle for what is thrown right in front of you.

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