Hot or Not 2/10/2015


Hot – Brandon Stanton

Brandon Stanton, the blogger behind the famous Humans of New York recently started a fundraiser that gave more than $1 million to Mott Hall Bridges Academy in New York.  The money is meant to give inner city children the opportunity of a lifetime  — an annual trip to Harvard University.

The fundraiser has since gained national attention and resulted in a Humans of New York post with President Barack Obama. Not only is Brandon Stanton raising the credibility and influence of online blogs and publications, but he is also doing so while making a big impact on the lives of those around him. 

Not – Tuition Increases

Prices keep going up and up and up. For the next four years, the price of tuition will climb and there is nothing stopping it. Previously, students paid a flat rate as full-time student. If the new proposal is passed by the Board of Governors, they will be required to pay tuition per credit. As a result, students taking 15 credits per semester can expect to see a 16 percent increase in their tuition. 

I came to Shippensburg University for a good, affordable education, but it looks like the affordable part of an SU education might be going the way of the Dodo bird. This tuition increase will most likely not cause problems in my schooling; however, I fear for the students who may never be able to receive a degree at SU because of tuition spikes.  

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