Greediness of christmas in consumer culture


Can someone please tell me why society has grown to be so greedy? Why in the hell are we rushing Christmas earlier and earlier every year and so concerned with buying presents? Yes, it’s nice to give to others, but it is seriously just over a week after Halloween. I didn’t know the date of Christmas changed suddenly to Nov. 1.

On Sept. 24, “Elf” was shown on CMT…really? I just saw three Christmas commercials on TV the other night during Thursday Night Football. Really? I understand that people like to prepare ahead of time for Christmas and don’t want to wait until the last minute to buy gifts, but it disgusts me to see how many stores had Christmas decorations for sale before Halloween was even here. What does that say about us? Don’t get me wrong, Christmas is my favorite time of year and I get just as excited as everyone else, but I get excited for it after Thanksgiving, when the holiday is actually supposed to begin.

It has really bothered me, this year, to see how early society is pushing this holiday on people. I love the holidays, but I want to be able to enjoy each one, separately, and not feel as though Christmas is shoved down my throat, all year long, when we’re still lighting off fireworks. I love Thanksgiving, but I feel like I can’t enjoy it knowing that everyone wants to rush through November, just to get to Christmas. That is exactly what is happening, every year, earlier and earlier, until one day, we’re just going to leave the Christmas tree up all year long and we’ll start seeing the first of Christmas commercials the day after Valentine’s Day.

A lot of the blame can go straight to companies who are pushing Christmas on us at 12:01 a.m. on Nov. 1. The rivalry between companies for who will get their Christmas specials to the public, first, is purposefully making society more and more greedy. That’s what they want and it’s terrible.
I sincerely miss when we were still kids during Christmas time. I know I’m not the only one who feels like something is definitely missing from when we were smaller and a large part of that is because we used to think that Santa was going to sneak in and leave presents under the tree. But even so, after I learned that Santa wasn’t real when I was 9, I still remember that companies had enough patience to wait until Black Friday to start advertising for Christmas.

Society and large companies have made this holiday all about presents and it’s not. Even though it is great to give and we should be peaceful people all year round, Christmas is the time of year where everyone is happy and together. We should focus on being thankful for every day we are given, instead of rushing through life just to get to Christmas. That day will come, but we have to enjoy what we have now, first. We’re greedy in that we always want more; today is never good enough. We want tomorrow and the day after that. I want to live until I’m 100, but that may not happen, so I have to be grateful for being 21.

I apologize if I sound like a Scrooge, I’m just stating my opinion and what I see. Maybe, just maybe, one day we can find it within ourselves to not rush holidays and appreciate them because we have each one for a reason. That being said, “Happy Thanksgiving.”

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