Disqualification through marriage


Pro-life or pro-choice, whose choice is it to make such an important decision?

Whose life really hangs in the balance? For most people, life begins at conception, but for others, that is when life should end. I believe that is not when life should end.

The creation of a human life is usually a sacred moment between a man and a woman. I know there are some circumstances where that might not be the case. I don’t hold anything against those women. I believe women should not be the only ones who have a choice in the matter. For married couples that consented to having marital relations, there should be law that disqualifies them from terminating a fetus. Taking away a life should not be a decision any parent should have to make.

Abortion is not the only option. There are many alternative efforts a woman could make that don’t involve an abortion.

Giving the baby up for adoption is an option. Abortion does not have to be your first and only thought. People should choose life over death because death always leads to sadness and heartache.

If our society believes that the answer to unwanted pregnancy is an abortion, then we have a lot to learn as a society.

I know, right now, that I would not be ready for fatherhood, but that doesn’t mean I would want my unborn child to be aborted. I don’t know if women take that in to account, but I would hope that many of them do.

Abortion causes women to do and think terrible things. It causes them to make a horrible decision, something no woman should have to do. If children are really our future, then why are we allowing our future to be taken away before it begins?

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