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The small African coastal country of Mozambique has come up with an innovative, harmless way to detect landmines. The country is trying to make itself landmine-free by the end of the year. To accomplish this, a non-governmental group called Apopo has deployed giant landmine-sniffing rats to sniff out potential threats. The best part? The rats are too light to set off any bombs, so no one gets hurt.

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Passenger Shaming

Since popped up in 2009, Internet users seem to think it’s OK to photograph others without consent, upload their photos online and publicly mock them. The latest trend in shaming strangers, is the Instagram account and hashtag PassengerShaming.

According to the Instagram account’s description Passenger Shaming is “photos of assholes taken by anonymous flight attendants & passengers from all over the world.”

Most of the photos are of passengers in their seats barefoot. Other photos feature passengers in outfits some find unappealing. Having been on 12-hour flights, I personally understand the difficulties of staying comfortable on a flight. Other factors, including posture, spinal problems, dehydration and emotional fears can also affect a person’s
position and behavior on a long flight.

No matter how crass, rude or offensive a person may be on a flight, there is no reason to photograph them without their permission and broadcast their low moment to the world to mock.

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