Homosexuality: The Christian perspective


I am a Christian. I support gay marriage. I do not believe homosexuality is a sin, but for people who believe that homosexuality is actually a sin, and those who believe in the Bible, a reevaluation of Christianity should be made.

God states in the Bible that all humans are conceived in sin and that we must believe in Jesus to be saved of sin.

There is only one way to God’s paradise: Believe that he sent his son to this Earth to die for sin. The Bible does not say that to get to heaven one must be heterosexual; it is not in the Ten Commandments.

The Bible also says, “Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these,” Mark 13:31. Those who persecute people who identify as homosexual are not loving their neighbor. So, Christians must first believe in God, and then love others. Showing kindness, patience and forgiveness is considered Christ-like, not criticizing or judging sinners like ourselves.
Christians should understand that judgment is not ours. Since we are all conceived in sin, and Christ is sinless, he is the only one who has the ability to judge.

“Jesus declared that the person judging will be judged because judging assumes a divine prerogative; final judgment belongs to God alone, and those who seek to judge others now will answer then for usurping God’s position,” Mathew 7:1-6. Christians who wish to persecute those who identify as homosexual are defying God’s demand that man not be the judge of man. We are not worthy enough to make those judgments because we are all sinners ourselves.

God created all of his children in love and with perfection. Sometimes man falls short, but He does not love any less. For those people who believe that gay marriage should not exist are actually not enacting the kindness and love that Christianity demands. Many people believe that Christianity persecutes, but Christian doctrine teaches that we should not.

If people are to argue against gay marriage because they believe it is a sin, using this premise, society should deny marriage to anyone who has ever lied, cheated, stolen, thought ill of another human being or had sex before marriage, just to name a few Biblical sins. God does not create a hierarchy of sin. 
“For whosever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one, he is guilty of all,” James 2:10.

Murder is the same as cheating on a test in His eyes. The hierarchy is a creation of man and often the Church. So what is too sinful to be married?

The ability to get married should be a social right. Marriage is a heterosexual norm but homosexuals should have the legal right to choose whether or not they wish to get married.

So, yes, I am a Christian, and yes I support gay marriage. I believe that kindness and love should be given to all of God’s children and what I am entitled to, should be equal for every sex, gender, race and sexuality. I believe that when I stand before my maker, and he asks me, “Have you been kind to all my children?” all I can say is “yes.”

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