Meet the Greek event offers unity diversity for SU students

The CUB’s multi-purpose room was filled with Greek unity and diversity on Feb. 25. The Gamma Alpha Rho chapter of Phi Beta Sigma organized the first all-out “Meet the Greek” event, with more than 20 organizations both fraternity and sororities.

The program was ground breaking because there has not been a meet the Greek with organizations from all the councils at Shippensburg University.

Every organization president was willing to participate in the program.

In the coming weeks, the organizations will meet every Thursday to discuss cultural differences and how they could make the event entertaining and educational.

The objectives of the program were to educate the campus community on Greek life and the options evaluable to the students.

Emilee Danielson, assistant dean of students and director of fraternity and sorority life, felt positive about the program.

“I was excited, my first response was lets do it. It’s good when the students want to do it because it is your experience and there was conversations about this program on both sides of the isle.”
Danielson took several steps to run the program and get off to the right start, such as handling the logistics of reserving the room and overcoming the challenges of having four snow days, with the CUB MPR doors not working.

“I thought it was a lot of fun,” Danielson said. “I like to see people outside their comfort zone.”
Phi Sigma Sigma was founded the same year as Delta Sigma Theta, and while talking to them it was interesting to hear the conversations going on about the history of there organizations and seeing life through their eyes.

Also I am excited about hearing the joint program they want to run together.
Phi Beta Sigma and Zeta Phi Beta are getting together with Kappa Delta Phi and Kappa Delta Phi Nas because they are the only organizations on campus that share that brother/sister bond.
Danielson believes that the program was very successful overall in reaching the objectives that were set.

The state of Greek life before this program was segregated and old fashioned. After this program, Greek life was integrated and fresh with new possibilities at Shippensburg.
The possibilities after this Meet the Greek event are limitless, and Phi Beta Sigma intend to go all the way.

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