Raider Runway: Joel Marzzarella expresses himself


Men and women can have very different senses of style. What most women do not realize is that many men put a lot of thought into what they wear as well. Just like women, it gives them more confidence about their image and how they feel.

Joel Marzzarella, Shippensburg University junior, describes his sense of style as a “wish-wash of formal and casual wear.”

Marzzarella believes that dress shirts, his favorite thing to wear, make men look more refined and can be very versatile. One can wear them with almost anything. Ties, vests with button down shirts, and dress jackets are also part of Marzzarella’s typical ensemble.

Blue is one of his favorite colors to wear, as Marzzarella believes that it makes him look more classy and professional. If someone wants to stick to more professional colors when they dress for class, they should wear gray, blue and neutral colors.

However, if one is still looking for the color or style that is right for them, why not experiment and go all out on different colors? Try anything and everything; students will not know what colors they like unless they actually try them. They should not be afraid of standing out and being themselves. Marzzarella always enjoys being creative with his outfits; he often experiments with different styles and clothing pieces.

“I have really been into cardigans for some reason. It is all about how I feel or how I want to be seen,” Marzzarella said.

Many people have some type of inspiration for their sense of style, whether it be an era or a role model. For Marzzarella, his inspiration is the 1950s.

“The men in that era, regardless of social or economic status, always were wearing, at the very least, a dress shirt and a nice hat,” Marzzarella said. “I mean, you look at a picture of people from the 1950s and it just oozes class and sophistication. I love that.”

Though men can find millions of style tips on the Internet, the one they should really follow is to just be themselves and be comfortable.

Marzzarella’s suggestion to men is to dress to impress.

“Though it may sound vain or shallow, people immediately judge you on your appearance. Try to find a style that suits your personality and just stick with it. It does not necessarily have to be formal wear, just find something that is you.”

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