Yard Show Rocks Cub Amphitheater Homecoming Weekend

On Saturday Oct 26, 2013 the office of Multi Cultural Student Affairs held their annual Homecoming Yard Show.

Much like last year the show was held outside but this time in a different location, the Creddia Union Building’s Amphitheater. The show consisted of about 14 Greek sororities and fraternities.

The Greek organizations had a chance to showcase their talents in the form of stepping and strolling. Each organization was given about 3-5 minutes to perform a routine that they practiced previous weeks.

The yard fest, which was held last year at the hockey pavilion, is usually highly attended and pretty popular amongst students. Although it was cold out students were still in attendance with blankets, hats scarves and anything else that could keep them warm. It was a time for everyone to come together and enjoy the performances of these organizations, which they had work so hard for, regardless of the cold weather outside.

The MSA puts together this show annually for students to enjoy free of charge and to also educate students on the history of the Greek Organizations. It is a time for the “Greeks” to step out their shell somewhat and show not only are the grounded on the basis of community service and helping others but they are also talented in the form of stepping and strolling.

There were different multi-cultural organizations involved which was great to see because the event not only gained a sense of diversity but unity as well. Dj Jstarr played the music and the student liaison of the arts for the MSA, Jerome Walker was the host for the evening’s event.

The yard show is one of the most popular events among the homecoming events and it’s always great to see a big crowd of people. Because of the location of the yard show it drew a big crowd for those who did not know what was going on or what a yard show was. People were able to sit, and watch the show, even if their intentions were to go into the Cub. This year’s show was another success and those who attended enjoyed themselves.

“It is always a fun event to attend and hopefully in the fourth coming years it will continue to be a success,” said Bria Blue.

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