Raider Runway: Anna Burnhisel


Sophomore Anna Burnhisel is a communication/journalism major at Shippensburg University. When it comes to dressing for classes, Burnhisel likes to dress nicely but stay comfortable at the same time.

“I try to dress nice for class, but I don’t want to look like I’m going to a prom,” Burnhisel said. “I like to be classy, but comfortable.”

As the fall season begins, she prefers to wear colorful sweaters instead of coats to stay warm. Her favorite color to wear is purple. She believes there are several popular colors being worn this season.

“A lot of people seem to be wearing burgundy, different shades of brown, pastel pink, and gold jewelry seem to be more popular in the fall,” Burnhisel said.

She prefers to only wear gold in the fall and wears more silver for the rest of the year. Burnhisel enjoys wearing several rings and earrings.

Boots are her go-to shoes to wear and she will occasionally wear moccasins when it is a “yoga pants day.”

When it gets cold enough outside to bundle up, she likes to wear sweatshirts or her favorite leather jacket.

“I have this old, leather biker jacket that I like to wear constantly,” Burnhisel said. “I love it.”

It normally only takes Burnhisel an hour to get herself dressed and ready every day.

“I usually have my clothes picked out the night before because it takes me forever to decide what to wear,” Burnhisel.

To finish her outfit, she likes to curl her hair or do other styles as well.

“I like to do the milk maid braid, where you put your hair into pig tails, braid them, and then flip both sides up to pin towards the top of your head,” said Burnhisel.

She encourages everyone to be creative with their own styles and try new things.

Fall is the time to layer different clothing and have fun with what you wear.

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