LSO brings explosion of culture to SU campus


Estilo Dance Studio taught many participants a dance step-by-step.

An explosion of culture hit the Ceddia Union Building on Oct. 17.

The office of the Multicultural Student Affairs sponsored the Latino Student Organization in its annual LSO Explosion.

In past years, the celebration has been highly attended and this year the numbers were no different.

The theme for this year’s explosion was “Livin’ La Vida Loca” and it certainly lived up to its name.
The free festivities included a range of activities and entertainment.

Students were able to enjoy bull riding, tyi-dying, face painting and a photo booth.

There were servings of Latin culture food such as tacos, black bean casserole and the ever popular rice and beans.

There were also carnival foods such as cotton candy, snow cones and popcorn available.
“It was great to see all students of different ethnic backgrounds come together to learn and celebrate a culture,” Eron Towns said.

There were two tables in the middle of the room dedicated to information on countries grounded in the Latin culture such as the Dominican Republic. The tables included candy, quick facts and information on the countries.

There was also a display of the countries’ flags behind each table as a symbol to inform those in attendance of the countries’ patriotism.

Greek organizations also came out to lend a helping hand to run the festival as smoothly as possible.

Students of all different races and genders came out and embraced the Latin culture.

The day was not only a day of celebration but also a day of unity, a day for everyone to come together and have fun but get educated at the same time.

The celebration also included a performance from the Estilo Dance Studio.

After the performance, dancers taught volunteers a dance from the Latin culture. The volunteers were taught the dance step-by-step and then they were able to perform it, once by themselves and then with a partner.

The participants were able to learn something new and were able to show off what they had learned from the instructor in just under 20 minutes.

Students enjoyed themselves as they gathered together to learn about Latin culture. It was a fun-filled afternoon of good food, great entertainment and, most importantly, a learning experience for all.

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