Homecoming brings Hollywood to Reisner


It was not a typical night at Reisner on Tuesday, Oct. 24. The dining hall was full of music and red carpet decorations for homecoming’s theme dinner.

This year’s homecoming theme was “Where Stars Are Born” and Reisner did its best to embody a night in Hollywood.

Homecoming committee members decorated Reisner in red, black and gold. California pizza, wings and virgin strawberry daiquiri were just a few of the items the dining hall staff served. Students also had the opportunity to decorate their own cupcakes and listened to music provided by WSYC.
Kervince Michelaka from WSYC and friends Chris Hypolite and Jaimee Llano were the DJs for the night and played Hollywood-style music to set the mood.

Some students were caught dancing and singing along to the music and others commented on the great atmosphere.

Sophomore Jeremy Flick said, “I enjoyed the music while I waited.”

He also commented on the number of people who came to the theme dinner.

“It’s really great, but its super crowded. So I can tell that people really like it,” Flick said.

Raven Black, the theme coordinator on the homecoming committee also noticed how abnormally crowded Reisner was.

She said it might have had a lot to do with all the advertising the committee did this year and pointed out the window to one of the billboards.

The homecoming committee began advertising for homecoming events like the theme dinner since the second week of September.

During this planning process the committee members chose the food and drinks that the Reisner staff would make and serve.

David Meckes, a committee adviser, said, “We have some really good food selections tonight. It makes it different from the routine.”

Students could break their usual drink routine with a virgin strawberry daiquiri.

Another small twist was the decorate-your-own cupcake table. This is not the first time students have been able to decorate a cupcake at Reisner, but it always seems to be a hit.
Overall students seemed to enjoy the atmosphere and the food.

There were some students who were not fans of the music and others thought the lines were too long, but for the most part people thought the night in “Hollywood” went well.

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