iOS 7 is Apple's best work yet

A major topic in the tech talk world right now is iOS 7. Apple’s newest gadget update was released Wednesday, Sept. 18 and has been a hot topic of conversation; something that is not surprising considering the build up of anticipation for it.

After I updated my iPhone 5 it was easy to see that the technology wizards at Apple had really upped their game.

This update really made me wonder what exactly this would mean for my phone and I began to question what iOS really was.

According to Apple’s website, iOS is simply the software that controls all the basics of your Apple products. These basics deter- mine the look, feel, settings and formatting for your device.

The iOS 7 update has completely changed the format of my phone, while still maintaining all the easy accessibility that I love from Apple gadgets.

IOS debuted six years ago, and this newest update will give your iPhone or iPad a much needed facelift.

To start, I love the streamline and abstract look that this new update gives.

The colors appear transparent, the movement of the phone flows as you change from screen to screen or app to app.

There are also a few changes that have really made my iPhone seem like a completely new device.
To start, the time saving

control center is the most convenient aspect of this update for me.

You can control your music, access airplane mode, turn on your flashlight, bring up your calculator, use your camera and turn on Bluetooth.

Before I always found it annoying to have to open all of these options separately, and they were located in different folders within the phone.

Apple completely understood that these features were the most used on the phone, and putting them all together just makes this phone even more userfriendly than it previously was.
The new design of the camera has also been sig- nificantly changed.

The square-frame option now featured has all of the Instagram-crazed girls like me in the world jumping for joy.

No more taking a great picture only to find that not everyone fits in the screen, or having to crop a significant part out.The square feature is designed to fit the screen for Instagram pictures, and the various filters that are offered pretty much do the on-the-fly photo editing for you. Facetime has also received its very own app.

Rather than having to access your phone button first, Facetime is a click away.

The double click brings all of your apps up in a row. With the quick flick of your finger the apps can be closed.
This new update makes me really love Apple products more than I already did.

Since receiving my first iPhone three years ago, I do not think I would be able to switch to any other kind of phone.

There is something about Apple that is addicting.

They are the future of technology, hands down.

They make their products appear futuristic, and tasteful and people buy into this.

My 10-year-old sister has an iPod touch and she is able to operate it just fine.

There have been some instances where she has taught me something about Apple products.

Young children are learn- ing how to use technology at such a young age, and from observing my sister and her friends, they are learning on Apple products.

I think one of the reasons they are able to operate these gadgets so easily is because of how user-friendly Apple products are.

They really keep everyone in mind when manufacturing new products or new updates like iOS 7.
People of all ages can learn to use these gadgets, and with the new update, manuevering around this phone is easier now.

People say that Apple products are overrated, but I could not disagree more.

Keep up the good work Apple, and thanks for the update. It feels like I have a brand new phone.

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