Loving yourself is most important

To be quite frank, I do not understand what the appeal is in trying to look attractive at all time.

There seems to be this unspoken pressure felt by females, and possibly even males, to always look our best.

And if we happen to see someone who looks better than us, we hate them for that.

Of course, not all girls are constantly trying their hardest to always look superb.

However, I have noticed that even when girls say they are going to have a “lazy day,” it still involves spending time putting on makeup and wearing skintight leggings to show off their bodies.

I know people who literally spend hours getting ready to go out.

Of course that is their personal time and they can do whatever they want with it, but I am not sure what I would do after a mere 20 minutes in the bathroom.

It feels nice to look nice. I think most girls out there can agree that if they look good, they feel good, and who does not want to feel good?

I think the disconnect comes when girls start trying to look good to please other people.

If I pulled an all-nighter and am just too exhausted to even fathom putting jeans on the next day, I do not care if I run into my soul mate.

He will still love me in sweatpants.

And if he does not, well then I guess I really do not care that much about his opinion anyway.

Of course, I am human. There are days when I know that I want to look attractive because I will see that cute guy in my Thursday class.

If I am going to straighten my hair any day that week, it might as well be then. But at the same time, I feel comfortable enough in myself that my goal in the morning is not always to “dress to impress.”

I have a lifetime ahead of me where that will be an expectation in my job, I do not need to make my mornings even less enjoyable by putting pounds of makeup on my face to cover up that zit from stressing out.

There is no shame in looking attractive or taking pride in your body and clothing.

Loving yourself is one of the most important things in the world.

However when you start altering something as basic as your wardrobe for other people, it is time to make a change, and not just in your clothing.

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