Fighting for more than one outcome


There are still good people in this world.

Kristen McCamy, a single mom from Missouri struggled with weight loss her entire life.

She spoke on the “Today Show” about how her son would have to ride roller coasters and play in the park by himself because she could not fit and could not run around with him.

This was so upsetting to McCamy, but she just could not stick to diets.

She said she failed at them every time, giving in to the temptations.

But when her best friend Stephanie was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, it was a wake up call for her to lose some weight.

Starting at 287 pounds, McCamy started a Facebook page called “Loss for Cause” and for every pound she lost in seven months, she asked her Facebook friends to donate 50 cents to either Stephanie’s cause or their favorite charity.

In seven months McCamy lost 70 pounds, raising $35 per person.

She then kept going and lost another 55 pounds, totaling 125 pounds of weight loss in a little over a year.

McCamy made me feel really good today.

Listening to her story about how she helped her friend raise money for her illness and make herself feel better by losing weight and being able to be more active with her son really touched my heart.
People struggle with weight constantly.

There are a million diets, diet pills, weight loss programs, you name it.
However, so many people falter.

I do not know how many times I have tried to get into better shape and gave up, so I know the feeling.

McCamy thought of this weight loss as a life changing experience.

She raised money for her best friend, someone who she cared for so much and was very ill, all by changing her own lifestyle and making healthy changes.

Her son embraced this change and said, “Now I can put my arms around her.”

Her son could not even hug her all the way around her waist growing up and he is so happy that he can now.

I cannot imagine the feeling McCamy has toward herself and her life at this moment after this incredible accomplishment. I love hearing stories like this.

It is a change from the crazy violence, murders and poverty our world is facing today.

This was a story about a beautiful, single mom who needed a life change — and got it — once her friend became ill.

I believe things like that will always wake you up and scare you into a better life.

You always think you have it bad until someone has it worse, then you really appreciate what you have or you make some lifelong decisions and changes.

Losing weight, becoming more active and in shape and even just making lifestyle changes is all very difficult.

Not many people easily adapt to change, especially if it is not convenient.

However, that is the best part of life, I think.

Change can be great. It can really make you happier; get you going on to bigger and better things or even different places in the world.

You never know what the day is going to bring you and I do not believe in wasting it.

We only have one life, why not live it happily and healthily?

McCamy made my morning a little brighter and I think there should be more great friends and dedicated people in this world, instead of so much hatred.

We all need some inspiration in our daily lives sometimes.

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