TSA stands for Totally Stupid Actions


Ever since 9/11 occurred, Airport Security in the United States has stepped up its game to ensure the protection of citizens in this country.

TSA, or the Transportation Security Administration, has recently announced that starting April 25, airplane passengers will be able to bring small knives with them onto planes.

The blades of the knives must be shorter than 2.36 inches, and less than half an inch wide.
Locking or fixed blades will not be allowed, and no knives with a molded grip will be allowed either.
Box cutters and razor are still prohibited, however.

I do not think any kind of blade should ever be allowed on a commercial aircraft.

Why in the world does anyone need a knife on a plane when you are 30,000 feet in the air?
What is someone going to do, whittle some wood?

TSA head John Pistole told members of the media that this decision was made to allow security members to focus on searching for bomb components.

Sports equipment like hockey sticks, baseball bats less than 24 ounces and 24 inches, ski poles, golf clubs and lacrosse sticks have also been made acceptable.

If TSA honestly believes that allowing any kind of weapons back onto an aircraft is safe, then they are crazy.

So what if the blade is short and thin?

It can still cause damage.

It can still kill someone.

When I go to the airport to board a plane, I do not mind that it may take an hour or two to go through security.

I feel so much more comfortable knowing that everything was checked correctly, and that no one has any kind of weapon on board.

By allowing these weapons back on aircrafts I think it is only a matter of time that someone is hurt or killed while flying.

Yes, there are air marshals who are there to protect passengers, but who is to say that they will not fail?

What if he or she cannot make it in time to someone who is trying to use a knife for the wrong reason?

As horrible as it is to say, I do not think that we can trust anyone today with a weapon.

It is a good thing that TSA is seriously trying to find bomb components and avoid a disaster.

However, hijackers who were part of 9/11 were able to successfully use box cutters and other knives to take control of the planes that crashed into the towers and the Pentagon.

Although these hijackers had bombs on board as an extra threat, can we really rule out that a group of people could not take control of a plane with knives?

Should we really allow this kind of trust in people?

What happened on 9/11 was the most devastating event in American history.

It should never happen again and I feel like this security change is making airport security rules appear lenient.

They should not be.

Lives are being put at stake here.

With the horrible events that have happened over the past year, you would think that everyone would be on high alert.

I feel like some idiot is going to see this and jump at the opportunity to create five minutes of infamy for themselves.

When I board a commercial airline, all I want to do is be excited to land wherever it is that I am going.

If I know myself, I am sure I will be flying some place warm and beautiful.
TSA, I think you have gone out of your mind.

I want to worry about avoiding tan lines and sun poisoning, not crazy people with hidden pocket knives.

Are we ever going to learn from the mistakes we have made in the past?

I do not believe violence will end with this change, it will just begin.

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