Cato: The store for every girl, every time


It is time to face the facts ladies: There are not many places in the small town of Shippensburg that offer the cute clothes, shoes and accessories we desire to wear around campus. Let’s not forget the difficulty we face when trying to find the right business outfit for an interview, presentation or internship at a fair price.

Luckily, there exists one clothing store that delivers all of these options for great, low prices, and even offers ample amounts of clearance. And the icing on the cake is that the store, Cato, is conveniently located five minutes from campus, right next to Walmart.

Although many people have never heard of this small store, Cato has been in Shippensburg for the past eight years and continues to serve regular and happy customers. This clothing store is extremely dependable for its well-priced and adorable clothing styles as well as great customer service.

Another important vocabulary word in Cato’s dictionary is “clearance.” And by clearance, I mean racks upon racks of clothing on sale.

This means that while its new spring styles are arriving, the majority of its remaining winter clothes are making their way onto the clearance racks as well. So if you are looking for one last sweater to cozy up in before spring officially hits, or you just want to start preparing your wardrobe for next winter, Cato is the place for you.

The fashion styles in Cato are also what make it so special in the small and rural area where Shippensburg University is located. Most of the time we are forced to travel 30 to 60 minutes to Chambersburg, Hagerstown, Carlisle, or even Camp Hill just to find one outfit for a presentation. Cato provides unique and addicting clothing styles that will make any girl happy for any occasion.

Cato offers clothing styles to women of all ages and sizes — even young girls. Its shoe and purse selections are to die for, as well as its amazing jewelry and variety of scarves and sunglasses. In other words: If you want it, Cato has it.

Nobody is as optimistic of Cato’s clothing and sales as Store Manager Mel Snyder, who has been with the store since it first opened in Shippensburg. She encourages all girls on campus to stop in, guaranteeing that you will find something that you like.

“Cato is the best place to shop when you are looking for cute clothes and have a tight budget. We have clothing for any occasion, so all of the girls on campus should come check us out,” Snyder said.

The chance to win a $100 gift card to Cato is also available for anyone who signs up on its website.

Unknown to so many ladies on campus, the perfectly convenient clothing store is right around the corner and everyone should take advantage of this privilege in such a small town like Shippensburg.

So if you are struggling to find those perfect pair of shoes or that business outfit that is just too expensive elsewhere, be sure to stop in to Cato. You will be glad that you did, and you are sure to find what you are looking for.

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