Reisner Dining Hall is not a take out food restaurant

Last week my friend and I joined each other for lunch in Reisner Dining Hall.

She got two bananas and an apple to enjoy when we heard someone’s voice say, “Excuse me, Miss?”

It was a man who works in Reisner, calling for my friend’s attention to tell her that the food on our table could not leave the buidling.

I have one of the lowest meal plans available and I am still paying $1,000 a semester to eat at Shippensburg University.

Now, we all know the dining hall does not have the best food, but a kid has got to eat.
So here is my question: why can we not take fruit out of Reisner?

I have thought long and hard about this and the only conclusion I have come to is that students have thrown food outside and ruined our chances. It really is not my fault the some of my fellow students are immature and cannot handle the responsibility of walking with food back to where they live.

But I think it is kind of ridiculous that I cannot bring some fruit back to my apartment to eat at a later time, when I know I am not eating $1,000 worth of food in the dining hall.

I just want to get my money’s worth.

Is that so bad?

As someone who lives in an apartment, buying food takes up a lot of my money.

I usually eat lunch on campus so all the rest of the food I have, I buy.

So why should I have to buy fresh fruit when technically, I paid for the banana I want to eat in Reisner?

This just makes no sense to me. The man in Reisner was not only rude about my friend having fruit on the table, but he assumed she was taking it.

I just wanted to ask him, why does it even matter?

I think that if I do not finish my meal, I should be able to take some home.

Or if I need a snack for in class or when I am walking to the library after lunch, that I should be able to take an apple or banana without having to go to the CUB and spend more money to purchase another one.

Having something to eat for later reminds me of the phrase teachers used to use when they did not want you to go to the bathroom, “You should have gone earlier.”

Well, maybe I did not have to go earlier and maybe I was not hungry earlier, but I am now.
Reisner’s food is not the best I have ever had, so I think they should relax a little bit about kids wanting to take things out of the building to eat for later.

Most of us are not rich kids at college, living off our parent’s food budgets and being supplied with everything we need: I know I am not.

The fact that I have to buy my own food really takes a toll on my need for healthy food because it is so expensive.

This would be less of a hassle if I could get fruit from school.

I never understood why we could not take food out, and I guess the excuse of being able to go to the CUB to do so makes sense, but I still do not like it.

Reisner, a little tip: Let me take a banana home for breakfast the next day or an apple for a snack.
What happens to all the left over food?

Is it thrown out?

If so that is wasteful.

So rather than waste unwanted food, just let me have a snack to take with me to class.

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