Pay it Forward Movement

“The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway, by Blessed Mother Teresa’s Prayer

On Tuesday, Sep. 25, I was in a car accident.

Of course it was early in the morning and having a car accident is not what people want in general, especially not first thing in the morning.

I was turning and did not see the car that was going straight.

I ended up hitting his car.

Luckily, neither of us ended up being injured.

There was a slight dent in his car but for the most part his car was fine.

It was my first accident and I was a complete mess.

I jumped out of my car, freaking out because I realized I just caused an accident. I never believed what I heard about car accidents happening in the blink of an eye.

All I remember is looking to make sure I was good to go and then the air bag was in my face.

He responded very calmly and said he would call 911 for assistance.

If the situation was reversed, I highly doubt I would be as kind or patient.

As we were waiting for the police officer to arrive, he mentioned he was headed to campus early for his PT test.

I felt horrible because he was going to miss this test he said he was prepared for.

Most people would be yelling and cursing if they were just hit.

The goodness he did today will not be forgotten.

I was in tears most of the time standing on the corner of Earl and King Streets when talking to the police officer and with the student whose car I hit.

This student kept saying we are both fine which is most important and cars can be fixed up or replaced.

I hope he realizes that the goodness he showed was beyond appreciated.

Shaun, if you are reading this, doing good really does go far.

You made a difficult morning much easier because of your wonderful behavior and only acting in the kindest way.

I know this is for a Pay it Forward movement but I would like to show you a big thank you by doing something kind for you.

If you are up for it, how about a free pizza?

I can never fully thank you enough for this morning.

You seem like a really great person for handling everything in a great manner.

Maybe Shaun’s behavior will remind us to do good things in any situation no matter when or where.

Never know where it will end up.

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