Corporal punishment not OK for students

It has been called the swat heard ‘round the world and the echo is still reverberating.

Taylor Santos is an average 15-year-old girl who attends a high school just outside of Fort Worth, Texas.

She is a cross-country star who does well in school and, like any other teenager, runs into trouble sometimes.

After allowing one of her fellow classmates to copy her homework in school, Santos was sent to the vice principal’s office for reprimanding.

Vice Principal Kirt Shaw definitely left a mark on this minor.

The punishment at first for copying was two days in school suspension which Santos allegedly had a problem with.

So, rather than take the second day of suspension, Shaw gave Santos somewhat of a plea bargain.

According to Shaw, it would be OK if the second day of suspension was replaced with a spanking.

Leave it to Texas to still allow corporal punishment in school districts throughout the state.

Let us have a round of applause for the Lone Star state everyone.

Santos agreed to the spanking and school officials contacted Santos’ mother Anna Jorgensen, to ask for permission.

Jorgensen gave it.

Shaw took a wooden paddle and struck Santos numerous times across her bare rear with a female staff member present.

Now, Jorgenson is outraged because of blisters and red marks that were left on her daughter’s rear end.

After deliberating with her 15-year-old after the fact, the two came to the conclusion that the spanking was probably a bad idea.


Is anyone else stunned?

Although corporal punishment may be legal in Texas, in the event that a student needed reprimanding, the punishment must be done by the same sex.

A female teacher would hit a female student and a male teacher would hit a male student.

In this case, that is not what happened and I do not feel that it was fair.

The good news is that the school district has been arguing the practice of corporal punishment in schools.

However, the bad news is that the school district voted to keep the punishment and a change to the punishment policy.

Drum roll please.

The school district now allows for co-ed spankings. So now, a male staff member can strike a female student and vice versa.

What is happening to this country?

Why is this still allowed?

At times I feel it is wrong for parents to strike their children but to allow for school officials is just wrong, especially with all of things a wooden paddle?

Is that really necessary?

What really gets me is that Santos was not the only girl to be paddled by Shaw.

School board members who are supposed to act in the best interest of the students are doing the exact opposite.

Corporal punishment is also legal in 18 other states across the country.


What benefit are students learning from this?

Does anyone else think this could cause backlash in a different direction?

Male students could suddenly create the idea in their minds that if their male teachers are allowed to hit girls to teach them a lesson, then they should be able to have that right too?

For that matter, why do male teachers who live in these states where this form of punishment is legal not have a problem striking a girl?

There is something wrong in this equation and I think that this is something that should not be addressed on the state level but rather the federal one.

I will not send my children to schools where corporal punishment is allowed.

It is degrading, embarrassing and controlling.

Good job, Texas.

You really know how to show that Southern hospitality.

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