Unhealthy world creates unhealthy people

“Back to school. Back to school, to prove to Dad that I’m not a fool.”
If that is not a classic song, I do not know what is.

In case you are unaware, this song is Adam Sandler’s “back to school” song which he sang as Billy, the main character from Billy Madison.

Whether you are trying to prove to your dad that you are not a fool, or you are just looking to better yourself in finding a job in the real world, the reality of it all is that the school year of 2012 to 2013 has just kicked off.

By the way, what is the next line to that song?

I think it goes something like, “I got my lunch packed up.”
That reminds me, the start of the school year means that I have to start eating school food again.
Now that is something that I am not all that excited about.

And this has nothing to do with the lunch ladies, the cooks or anyone else who is involved with the school meals.

Everyone who serves the students and faculty are all wonderful people and I really appreciate everything they do for us.

The problem really comes down to the fact that the food is unhealthy. I do not even know that I would go as far as to put the blame on the management and the school, because what it all boils down to is that we live in an unhealthy country.

The management is just doing its job, and the school is just trying to save some extra cash while trying to keep our tuition as low as possible.

Who can blame them?

The food industry has become a complete and utter mess over the past century.As the technology has surged beyond unimaginable points, so has the food industry. Most of our food today is made through the act of chemistry-related means.

Our food is also processed, injected with hormones and smothered with pesticides.
It allows us to eat more for less money.

But at the same time, the end result represents unhealthy individuals, which equates to enormous medical bills.

It is odd that out of nowhere two man-made killing diseases, commonly known as cancer and heart disease, came roaring into the picture. I have read studies that show the two biggest killers in the United States were almost non-existent before technology and the food industry erupted.

Another problem that has become more and more prominent involves food allergies.
And by food allergies, I do not just mean a peanut butter allergic reaction.

I am sure you have heard of the term gluten before?

I am astonished atthe number of people that I have run into who are allergic to gluten and need to eat a gluten-free diet.

I just happen to be a new victim to gluten.
As a student who needs to eat a gluten-free diet, I find myself sitting between a rock and a hard place.
There is not one place where you can go to eat gluten-free food on campus.
Obviously, I could drop the meal plan completely and make my own food at home, but as a student-athlete I am left with absolutely no time to even consider making my own food.
I know for a fact that I am not the only one who has a problem with gluten, and even if I was, an excess amount of gluten is not healthy for anyone.
Slippery Rock University’s students can enjoy gluten-free cooking, why not SU?

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