Shippensburg sweats it out during Cardio Heat

While glancing in the group fitness room at 7 p.m. on Tuesdays, a person might think it is a club with everyone dropping low and getting sweaty.

But no, it is Cardio Heat, a fitness class offered at Shippensburg University Recreational Center.
The class used to be Zumba, which has always been very popular at SU.

Jenna Worley, an SU senior, has been the Zumba instructor for the past three years at ShipRec.

This semester, her Zumba certification expired, causing the class to be changed to Cardio Heat.

Worley decided not to renew her certification because of expenses. The cost for a certification can range from $100 to $200, and the instructor must attend a class and pay $30 a month for DVDs.
Worley explained there are some differences between Zumba and Cardio Heat, but both produce the same effects on the body.

“Zumba infuses different types of dances from all over the world including salsa, merengue, reggaeton and many more. Cardio Heat includes more hip-hop dance moves,” Worley said.

According to, aerobic activity, like dancing, is just as good as running because the cardio pumps the heart rate up.

It also keeps you moving around for a decent amount of time.

While exercising, the body is soaking in oxygen which moves to your muscles that starts the fat burning process. Students get maximum results from hip-hop dancing. People should strive to dance two or three times per week.

Worley said that Zumba and Cardio Heat both have the same body benefits. They tone the body and provide the same cardio experience.

In the beginning of each semester this class is fully packed and sometimes there is not enough room for every student to participate. As the semester progresses the number of students diminishes. There are some students who are dedicated to performing their best.

However, Worley noted with a large group of people sometimes people will be loud, talking and laughing with their friends instead of paying attention.

The class is mostly popular with female students; occasionally one or two males will join.
Simone Smugar, another SU senior, loves the class and the instructor, whom she thinks is really warm and helpful.

She said, “She had the same songs for all four years, which is both a pro and con.”

Smugar thinks that some of the more advanced people get bored with the same music, but she does enjoy going.

Cardio Heat is offered in the group fitness room on Tuesdays from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m

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