The experience of having class with Ellerbach


John Ellerbach

For students who have never had the pleasure of experiencing one of John Ellerbach’s classes, it should be on a list of things to do before graduation.

Ellerbach is a professor in the communication/journalism department at Shippensburg University and has quite the colorful approach when it comes to teaching.

Ellerbach’s hometown is Dubuque, Iowa. He has done everything from coaching baseball to teaching advertising in Lima, Peru.

Some would be surprised to know that Ellerbach is fluent in Spanish, is a good baseball player and as a child he had aspirations to become a priest.

Aside from teaching, Ellerbach’s hobbies include creative writing, especially his creative movie scripts. Ellerbach even did an experimental class in creating independent films. Ellerbach specializes in public relations and has been teaching at SU since fall 2006.

“I like to consider my teaching style a combination of confrontation and craziness,” Ellerbach said.
“I find it to be effective when students write to me a few years down the road telling me they are successful in the profession.”

Some students mightconsider Ellerbach a rather challenging professor, but one that teaches the material on an effective level to which students can relate.

Some people know Ellerbach by the name of “Dr. Charisma.”

Jimmy Reilly, a student and advisee of Ellerbach, said that Ellerbach is “one of the hardest professors I’ve had at Shippensburg. But on the other hand, he has taught me more than book knowledge and has taught me how to be a professional in the field of communications.”

Whether a student has an interest in communication/journalism or not, Ellerbach is a professor who is sure to make an impact.

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