Jeremy Lin is more than just a player

If it is not a big enough rush to study at Harvard University, changing your whole life career after graduating with an economics major to playing professional basketball, triumphs all.
Jeremy Lin, the New York Knicks starting point guard, was signed as a free agent with the Knicks on Dec. 21.

The Taiwanese, American-born citizen, showed his true colors on the basketball court of his break-out game on Feb. 4 against the New Jersey Nets, scoring 25 points.

Before coming to the Knicks, Lin was cut from two other NBA teams, the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets, and a week before he was cut from the New York Knicks, he began to shine.
Hard days after hard days Lin thought of giving up, that he would never have a basketball team to play on, no one to show his true qualities and determination to.

He went through the hard times a lot of professional athletes, whether they got drafted from high school or college, never had to go through.

Ever since his break-out game, Lin has been on fire on the basketball court, averaging 22.1 points a game and having an excellent vision of the court.

But behind all the statistics, headlines and wins, Lin’s character is what really shines to the public.
Coming onto the New York Knicks, Lin was not well-known for playing basketball at Harvard and no one really knew what he could do.

But as soon as he was put into that game on Feb. 4, Lin showed his heart in the game. Scoring a ton of points and holding high numbers in assists, Lin was a team player from the start and knew the game very well.

But besides being an excellent basketball player, in every interview the media receives with Lin, his true character is shown.

Lin is a team player, he loves his team and thinks very highly of their talent and capabilities.
Headline after headline and under the spotlight of every sports channel on television, Lin stays extremely modest and continues to explain that, “It is a team win,” and it is not all about him.
He quickly learns from his mistakes and comes out to play the next game, with a fresh mentality of working hard and playing the game as a team.

Lin loves the game of basketball, it is not all about fame and fortune for him and it is about going out onto the court and giving your all to win some games.

Lin told the media that after his NBA career he wants to be a pastor and help underprivileged kids in need, showing how he interacts with people and how unselfish he really is.

Many people are finding Lin very overrated, and even though he is in every headline and the talk of every sports announcer around the world, everyone needs to take a step back and look at his heart and character before his stats.

Unlike some of the cocky players in the NBA or in any professional sport, Lin gives other players a chance to score, gaining his points in assists that are just as important to the game as the scorers are.

Lin believes in his team with everything he has and is so humble to be a part of something so great.
Modesty is a quality that is very hard to come by in professional sports and many people let the hype of the game, the money and the fame get to their heads very quickly.

Lin cannot even believe he is a star right now.

Keeping his head held high and making sure everyone knows that it is a whole team effort for every win they have and not just his contribution, is adding to this star players reputation.

For someone who has so much heart, determination and an unreal talent in the game, Lin is a role model for many individuals who are pushing through life and striving to succeed, even though they are ready to give up.

Lin is truly a big inspiration to everyone who pushes and tries for the very best in life.

He is an inspiration for people to be modest and realize you have to work for what you want and love every second of it.

Because if you do not love what you spend your life doing and striving for, you will live an unfulfilled, unhappy life.

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