What's On My Mind

4/7/2014 8:05pm

What is on my mind: Instant replay in the MLB

What is on my mind at the moment is the expansion of instant replay in Major League Baseball. Coming from a long line of baseball players and fanatics in my family, it pains me to see instant replay taking a foothold in the MLB.

2/18/2014 4:12pm

What is on my mind: At the moment, the 'Loud Music Trial'

What is on my mind at the moment is the “loud-music” trial in Florida. While this event took place back in November 2012, I believe now more than ever that something should be done. Jurors reached a verdict Saturday night on four of five charges, according to cnn.com. Three of which are counts of attempted second-degree murder.

2/4/2014 4:46pm

What is on my mind: Vietnam veterans and Agent Orange

At the moment, I cannot help but complain about the Vietnam War veterans, specifically the Navy’s continual struggle with the Veterans Administration over proper funding for Agent Orange-related illnesses. For those who are not familiar with the term Agent Orange, it is a plant-killing chemical that the United States used during the Vietnam War in order to kill plants, crops and forest cover, according to cancer.org.

1/27/2014 8:40pm

What is on my mind: Tau Kappa Epsilon

At the moment, the idiotic, disrespectful and humiliating actions that the Arizona State University fraternity chapter Tau Kappa Epsilon, also known as TKE, took part in on Martin Luther King Jr.

12/10/2013 1:02pm

What is on my mind: The NFL

As I scrolled down through numerous Web pages searching for something to write about, I came across something that caught my eye: gay football players in the National Football League (NFL). While, for some, this may not be the most comfortable subject to talk about, that is too bad.

11/18/2013 9:03pm

What is on my mind: Hunting safety

After last week’s article, I have been pondering hunter’s safety quite significantly. Hunters go out every year during deer season and climb their favorite tree in hopes of bringing home that trophy buck they have dreamed of for years on end.