What is on my mind at the moment is my indecisiveness toward the death penalty.

Unlike most cases, choosing whether or not one is for or against the death penalty is a sticky situation.

Regardless of the choice, your decision will be jeopardizing at least one human’s ability to live or another’s ability to receive justice.

Just like my stance on gun control, I believe there should be a stronger middle ground when it comes to the death penalty.

Some criminals do deserve it in my eyes, especially when they commit the heinous crimes.
Then again, I believe that by ending one life to take the place of another is just as bad if not worse.
I hate to sound cliché, but two wrongs really do not make a right.

I have never had that experience, so I cannot say I would not choose the same thing.

It is just a tough decision for me. Would that offender get more pain from awaiting death, or more pain from spending the rest of his or her life in prison?

That is my ultimate question.

At times I find it hard to believe that some people show absolutely no remorse for killing someone.
Deep down I like to think that they do, which brings me to a dilemma.

What if they want to die?

What if they knew that by getting the death penalty, they were escaping the actual punishment for the crime they commited?

This is why I am torn.

To a murderer, this could be their easy way out. This could be their way of cheating the system.
Every murderer should face the penalty for the crime they have committed, and I worry that by seeking the death penalty, we the people are allowing them to cop out.

However, every time I get to this point in my decision I cannot help but think about the murderers who brutally mutilated their victims or did not just stop at one murder.

In my mind and heart they deserve death.

They deserve what they have coming to them, unlike their victims who did nothing wrong.
These murderers should not have the opportunity to do life in prison.

Conclusively, I think certain murderers should face the death penalty and others should not.
For those who committed gruesome murder or went on to kill more than one person, I believe he/she automatically should be put on death row if they are found guilty of the crime.

But, for those who acted in anger, or even jealously for that matter, should face life behind bars.
They will gain far more punishment and remorse for what they did.