What is on my mind at the moment is the expansion of instant replay in Major League Baseball.

Coming from a long line of baseball players and fanatics in my family, it pains me to see instant replay taking a foothold in the MLB. According to nypost.com, instant replay has been used more than 15 times within the first week of the season. The outcome of these challenges has brought mixed results, but the idea of being able to challenge a play seems to be weighing heavily on the minds of managers.

My concern, however, is the fear of change. It has become apparent to me that some people believe the MLB has a knack for resisting change, hence resulting in its decline. But, with the expansion of instant replay, I fear that the very likelihood of America’s favorite past time is slowly dwindling away.

San Francisco Giants manager, Bruce Bochy, was a recent victim of instant replay. However, as of now, he is “fine” with instant replay, according to nypost.com. Bochy also went on to say that instant replay is going to change the game and will also become a very important aspect in the MLB, according to nypost.com.

That is the exact opposite as to what I want to see happen to Major League Baseball.

The league itself is already struggling with recent steroid scandals and contract disputes. Instant replay may be the tip of the iceberg.

The lack of hard effort and good old fashion baseball are obviously far behind us. But, with a rising group of players over the recent years, things were looking up.

Baseball will never be the same game it was 40 years ago, but the game has never gone away. It has managed to hang on through all of the recent controversies.

Instant replay, however, is going to be the death of this game. Next thing we know players will no longer be able to run the catcher over at the plate or use pine tar.

If that happens, I will quit watching baseball. The strikes and steroids were enough for me to swallow, but I love the game.
It is a part of my blood and my very existence.

However, if instant replay is here to stay, I have a feeling that the long-term outcome of this decision is going to negatively affect Major League Baseball and the beauty of the game.