What is on my mind at the moment is sex outside of marriage.

Is it really that bad? No. Is it important to experience sex before a couple ties the knot?

Sorry to say it, but absolutely.

This is a weary topic for many of my readers — I would assume — so if this bothers you, turn the page.

Maybe at one point or another, sex outside of marriage was viewed as a horrid thing for one to engage in — especially for a female. Luckily, ladies and gentlemen, the times have changed for the better.

Let me ask you something. Would you buy a car before you test drove it? Would you buy a house before looking inside?

I think is it safe to say no to both of those questions. So what is the difference with sex? Do not get me wrong, sex before marriage can always lead to issues such as sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy. However, I feel that sex education has come a long way from that health class we all had back in middle school, so one cannot use the pregnancy and STD issue as an excuse.

Sex is going to happen. I utterly respect anyone who takes a vow of celibacy until marriage. Kudos to you for following your own path, but rarely do I see that anymore.

I really hope that when that day happens for you, it does not blow up in your face (literally.)
When my editor tossed this idea around to the writers, I began to do some research. I obviously came across the religious aspect of waiting until marriage and that is OK. I am not here to attack someone’s religious belief.

On the contrary, I ran across this article from Huffingtonpost.com about a woman who waited until marriage to have sex with her husband. It was brutal. Within six months the couple was divorced due to a lack of sexual chemistry. She hated it. He hated it, and they fought the entire time.

How horrible does it sound to marry the person you “think” is going to be the one but end up losing them over the one thing you held the most sacred to yourself until your wedding night?
That sounds worse than horrible.

One thing that has made me lean toward sex before marriage is the idea of being faithful to your partner. If people save sex until marriage, and it is not pleasing for them, what are most people going to do? They are going to cheat on their partner.

All I can leave my readers with is this; if you are thinking about tying the knot with a significant other, test the water before you jump in.

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