What's On My Mind

What is on my mind: At the moment, the 'Loud Music Trial'

What is on my mind at the moment is the “loud-music” trial in Florida. While this event took place back in November 2012, I believe now more than ever that something should be done. Jurors reached a verdict Saturday night on four of five charges, according to cnn.com. Three of which are counts of attempted second-degree murder.

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What is on my mind: Vietnam veterans and Agent Orange

At the moment, I cannot help but complain about the Vietnam War veterans, specifically the Navy’s continual struggle with the Veterans Administration over proper funding for Agent Orange-related illnesses. For those who are not familiar with the term Agent Orange, it is a plant-killing chemical that the United States used during the Vietnam War in order to kill plants, crops and forest cover, according to cancer.org.

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