The cost of college life is more than just dollars


Danielle Williams - Asst. Opinion Editor

If you had to give secondary education a price, would you instantly think financially or mentally? You can envision their future in a number of ways — a break could be right in front of them, or they could choose to bet it all knowing that a shot is all it takes. 

In terms of college, clearing a bill — crafted specifically for one and their needs — is the price one will pay to get the opportunities he or she desires. Nevertheless, college can also cost us in different ways.

It is advised by parents and family members at an early age that retaining knowledge will result in good grades. Grade school teachers preached the importance of attending college to become doctors, lawyers and other elite professionals; however, the cost of attendance alone and at what rate it would have to be paid was hardly ever discussed. 

College can take a financial toll on some, but the sacrifice goes beyond that. College can run up a tab of sleepless nights, and dedication to earn satisfactory grades, but it will not come easy if the valuable steps are not applied.

Students pay to earn certifications that will allow them to flourish, but one cannot forget the time and energy added to that cost. 

To get a head start, it is essential to accept that college can be an academic struggle, but with paid resources, college is a reality with built in ropes to guide you along the way. College is not meant to be easy or cheap, but by applying mind over matter one can understand the investment made for a fulfilling career.  

The cost of college can seem overwhelming, but to find success it’s important to remind yourself that your goals will be met. With balanced work and social lives college will pass quickly and you will eventually have the job you desire. 

Attending college is a lifetime experience, but it’s important to use and expand the resources it has to offer. Get out and get involved around campus, while taking in the truth that nothing in life is free. These four years are about appreciating the endless available choices, not just clearing yearly bills.

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