‘Infinity War’ unites Marvel universe

After years of buildup, dozens of heroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe finally converged into one movie in the biggest superhero film created yet. 

“Avengers: Infinity War” brought about 40 different Marvel characters — both heroes and villains — onto the same screen. The film cost Disney about $300 million to produce, which is only surpassed by “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” according to an article from The Wall Street Journal. 

The movie centers on Thanos, the mad titan prophesized by brief mentions and cameos throughout the rest of Marvel’s films, and his quest to unite the infinity stones. Infinity stones are magical gems that control the very fabric of the universe. Many theorize that with the stones, Thanos would be unstoppable in his grasp for power and could decimate half the universe with the snap of his fingers. 

“Infinity War” is a cinematic translation of the “Infinity War” series of Marvel Comics, though it had many differences and alterations that made it into its own separate story, like the relationship between the recent Star Trek reboot and the original movies. And while “Infinity War” focused on a classic tale of heroism, it also implanted the audience with a firm reminder of mortality. 

The film is sequenced exceptionally well and never becomes stale. Directors Anthony Russo and Joe Russo bounced from drama, to humor, to action, and everything in between at a pace that left the movie focused in scope, yet diverse in content. The details of the plot could be confusing for those new to the Marvel Cinematic Universe; however, those who have seen the other movies should slide right in and understand the motivations of the characters. 

Continuing Marvel’s trend of producing villains with compelling causes, Thanos is a relatable character whose dark methods are meant for the greater good of the universe. Though his servants fall on the side of stale minions, they are over-compensated by the omnipresence of the heroes, and the detail that was put into making their abilities and personality mesh together. 

Though prospecting viewers should prepare for a tragic ending, they will leave theaters emboldened with hope for their heroes for the untitled Avengers 4, the continuation of the “Infinity War,” which is set for release in May 2019. 

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