SU Career Center to hold job and internship fair

The career center’s job and internship fair is an opportunity to network and get feedback on your resume.

The Shippensburg University Career and Community Engagement Center is holding a Job and Internship Fair this Thursday in the Ceddia Union Building’s Multipurpose Room, where students can visit 60 different employers hiring employees and interns. 

The fair, which runs from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., will host companies such as Clark Associates Inc., Roxbury Treatment Center and ULTA Beauty. 

“The job and internship fair is a great opportunity for students to not only learn about what positions are out there, but also network and get to know various employers’ from various different organizations,” said Dani Zinn, employer relations graduate assistant at the career center.

Zinn recommends that students bring several copies of their resume and a notebook to write down employers’ contact information and details on the company. 

“If students would like to bring a bag, make sure that it is professional like a messenger bag or a nice handbag,” Zinn said. “Please no backpacks.” 

Students with backpacks may drop them off in a designated space in the CUB before going to the fair. 

Zinn also suggests that students dress in business casual, or attire you may wear for an interview. 

“We recommend a business suit or skirt suit in neutral colors,” Zinn said. “Under the suit, students can wear a button down dress shirt or blouse.” Attendees should also wear dress shoes, low to medium heels or flats. 

“If students do not own a suit there are many consignment shops in the area where they can find business professional clothes at an affordable price,” Zinn said. 

LinkedIn will have a photo booth at the fair so students may have a professional headshot taken for their resume or professional social media account. 

“Students will want to be mindful that some employers have rented space in the CUB throughout the rest of the week of the fair for interviewing,” Zinn said. “Students should do research on what employers will be at the event so they can target those they would like to speak with.”

Students can log into SHIP Career Connections or download the app to look at the list of employers attending the fair. 

Once on SHIP Career Connections, students can use the events tab to find SU’s 2018 Job and Internship Fair.

 On the app, students simply select their school to create an account. From there, they can explore the fair map, upload their re’sume’ and research employers. 

Zinn believes the job & internship fair can answer many questions that students may have about the workforce. By talking to employers, students can better determine how they can use their major, what industries they may be interested in and when they should begin applying for internships.

 “Career center staff and career ambassadors will be available during the fair to help guide students throughout the process,” Zinn assured. 

Students can have their re’sume’ reviewed by a Career Center staff member during express hours Monday from 2–6 p.m. or Wednesday from 2–4 p.m. 

The Career Center is located in CUB Room 108. Students with questions can email or call (717)-477-1484.

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