Upperclassman offer finals week advice

Dear Freshmen,

You’ve done it. You survived your first semester! The time has come to test what you’ve learned this semester. Amidst all the anxiousness you must prove that you retained the knowledge you were given. Finals may seem like a lot of pressure, so here’s some advice from our upperclassmen to help you tackle finals head-on in true Raider fashion:

Alexandria Hamill, senior, marketing major, theater minor:

“Take a deep breath. Finals are hard but you’ve prepared yourself this entire semester so now it’s just time to finish out the semester strong. Grab some coffee with a friend, remember to get in some physical exercise and take care of yourself; finals aren’t the end of the world, you got this!”

Drew Lindsey, junior, psychology major:

“The best way to do well on your finals is by studying the material well in advance. Always prepare early.”

 Sean Castillo, senior, exercise science major:

“For me, writing out the study guide with the questions and answers a week before finals helps me succeed on my exam. Do not go out the week before finals, get some buddies and have a study party instead. They can be just as fun.”

Bria Stevenson, junior, marketing & Spanish major: 

“Don’t overwhelm yourself, most professors may allow you to take your final a different day if your final schedule is overloaded. Make sure you get some rest! Eat healthy and make a study guide, especially if it’s a cumulative final. If you have access to old test and quizzes that can be a helpful study tool. The questions you got right will most likely appear again. Remember, you’ve got this.”

Jileah Leake, junior, criminal justice major, political science minor;

“Make a game-plan. Plan your study time and work the longest on the hardest material. Use the resources around you like the library and the learning center. These resources will help you in the subjects you are struggling with. There are people here to help you!”

Angel Bennett-Money, sophomore, communication journalism & marketing major:

“Be confident in what you know! Take it one step at a time and one final at a time, you’ll get through this. Don’t forget to take a few minutes between study material to relax your mind. You’re smarter than you think.”

Melvin Moses, senior, sociology & anthropology major: 

“Take advantage of tutoring opportunities, the learning center, office hours and academic clubs to put you ahead of the game!”

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