Top 4 date ideas in and around Shippensburg.

College. It’s a new chapter in your book of life and you look forward to experiencing college. While studying and getting the best part-time job might be at the top of your list, letting a little loose and dating will be a part of your college career as well.

In small town Shippensburg, with a university that has about 7,000 students, you have a decent size dating pool which can give you the opportunity to meet someone. But when you meet someone that usually leads to a potential to go on a date.

Let’s be honest, the main issue with 20-somethings seems to be the dating area. We aren’t that experienced and we think “Netflix and chill” will suffice for an actual date but the truth is that it just doesn’t work that way.

Lucky for you I have scoped out the top four places in and around Shippensburg that are fun places to take someone and whether you are splitting the check or paying for it all, they are pretty cheap, too.

1. Cabin on King

Spring is in the air and that means that Cabin on King is open! This cute, little shack is at the top of my list because it close, being less than a mile away from SU, cheap and cozy. Cabin offers a huge variety of ice cream flavors along with smoothies and sundae choices. After you order from the always-smiling staff, take a seat in the hidden sitting area right behind the shack, underneath all the trees.

227 W King St, Shippensburg, PA

2. C & C Coffee Company

Don’t get me wrong, Dunkin and Starbucks are very convenient on campus- especially because you can use your flex. But if you are looking to get out of Shippensburg and have a nice cup of coffee, head south about 20 minutes to C & C Coffee Company. This locally owned coffee shop is in the heart of Chambersburg which allows you to either grab a window seat inside and people watch or have a stroll down the sidewalks. Their shop offers everything from a cup of Joe to a cappuccino.

15 N Main St, Chambersburg, PA

3. CJ’s American Pub & Grill

If you are looking to have a nice meal with someone that isn’t too expensive with just the right volume of music that also is close to Ship, check out CJ’s. You and your special someone are able to order anything from seafood to ribs to salads or just drinks. They are located right as you turn past the CVS with easy parking and quick service.

487 East King St, Shippensburg, PA

4. Kenzo Japanese & Asian Fusion

Sushi seems to be, like, the coolest thing ever nowadays and if you want some good sushi, fast service and your wallet not to cry when you get the bill jump in your car and head to Kenzo’s. With it being just 18 minutes from Shippensburg, the small shop will leave you with big satisfaction. The service is friendly and speedy and their menu has a selection so large you just might have to come back for a second date.

1495 Lincoln Way East, Chambersburg, PA

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