A Raider’s View: Finally Finals

The not-so-welcomed finals week is making its way through the shadows, appearing as the barrier between us and summer.

For some, finals week is a breeze, but for others finals week takes on the form of a Transformer, coming to destroy the city you like to call your sanity.

Not to worry, because after that one week of agony we will be able to feel the warm sun on our skin and possibly the scorching-hot sand between our toes — so it’s worth it, right?

Getting through finals week requires dedication to those missed assignments and rereading chapters in your text book that you may have skimmed just enough to get through class discussions. For me, dedication is reinforced with a few tips and tricks to get through the week.

Some of my study habits include making a list of everything that is vital. List all the things you must get done by a certain date and break it down into chunks.

Set goals to accomplish each day and in the end, those end goals do not seem too bad.

For example, you may have to write a 15 — page paper that is due in a week from when you start it. Break the paper down in chunks for each of the days you have to do it — four pages for four days, and in the end you will have time left over to reread and edit what you have written.

This also leaves time in your schedule to go over notes and chapters you may have missed or are unsure of.

A few self-care things you can do is make sure you’re eating properly.

Certain foods can give you energy that last longer than caffeinated drinks.

Drinking a lot of water can keep you from feeling dehydrated and tired, as well.

Another key factor in successfully making it through finals week is when cramming, take breaks.

Try and take your focus away from the computer screen when you feel as if you are at a dead end.

Taking a shower, going for a walk or calling a friend can be a simple fix to you feeling as if you do not have the energy to finish your work.

Once you have taken your shower, finished your walk or hung up on your friend, you may just have a burst of energy that can get you through whatever you have scheduled to do that day.

Finals week is tricky, seeing as we all have different responsibilities — some may have papers or projects, and others may have traditional exams.

However, the more you remain calm and collected and take it one step at a time, summer will come quicker than you know it and you can add another successful semester to your belt.

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