A Raider’s View: ‘Memory Lane’


The Slate and WSYC alumni mingle with each other and current Slate and WSYC staff, sharing knowledge and skills during the 60th anniversary. 

Shippensburg University was lucky enough to host not only an open house on Saturday, but The Slate and WSYC’s 60th anniversary.

The campus was brought to life by the faces of prospective students, as well as alumni who have faced the challenges of college and have the stories to prove it.

Looking back at freshman year, aspirations ahead of me and not knowing what challenges I would have to face, there is a sense of reminiscence that fills the air. I know that someday I will walk alongside the alumni who were gracious enough to return to SU to participate in many panels and to retrace their steps around a campus that has changed quite a bit since they roamed the halls.

Just think about it. What will change when we have all gotten our diplomas and started the next chapter of our lives? What new renovation project will be constructed and what new building will take on a name with which we were once familiar?

As we are barreling through the last few weeks of the semester — before some current SU students will move their tassels over to show their transformation from student to graduate — with the question: “What’s next?”

During the Slate and WSYC’s 60th anniversary, many alumni got a chance to tour the campus to see the changes, and some have been gone for so long that they have never seen the H. Ric. Luhrs Performing Arts Center or the Ship Rec.

Stories among stories about traditional style living and shenanigans of the media suite brought into prospective that the stories that we are making now in our journey through our academic years, will carry us far beyond the day we put on our caps and gowns and take our last walk through the Ceddia Union Building or spend a late night in the library as undergraduates of SU.

As Saturday came to an end, three generations of SU students left campus or returned to their residence halls, some looking forward to fall welcome week when they start their journey as a Raider.

Others had the chance to reminisce all the fun times they had, while we, as current students, make our memories that the alumni have proved last a lifetime.

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