Traveling duo releases Christmas lights record

While stores nationwide are pulling out their Valentine’s Day goodies, The Rough & Tumble just released its new Extended Play (EP) record, “Cardboard and Christmas Lights.”

Having an album about Christmas lights in February accurately fits the quirky folk band that made a stop at The Thought Lot in October.

“We used to decorate the stage before each show with a string of Christmas lights and a cardboard sign that had ‘The Rough & Tumble’ spelled out in masking tape. It was really homemade and simple, but that’s kind of what this band has been about for the last five years. We thought this title was a good way to tie together all of that,” The Rough & Tumble duo Mallory Graham and Scott Tyler said.

Previously, Graham and Tyler have written songs about everything from Punxsutawney Phil to returning home.

“Cardboard and Christmas Lights” combines the upbeat mood from the band’s “Holiday Awareness Campaign” songs with the serious undertone found in its other album “Pieces and Pieces.”

The journey begins with the perky song “Vultures” that sounds like it could be a theme song to a Zooey Deschanel television show. While listening, one cannot help but feel like they are rotating on a carousel horse as the beat of the instruments go up and down. “Vultures” begins with only Graham singing, but soon Tyler joins in.

Graham governs most of The Rough & Tumble’s songs with her tangy voice. However, Tyler’s voice makes the adventure feel more like a great big party.

“Cardboard and Christmas Lights” is chipper, with “Cicada” being the gloomy tune in the mix. Somehow, the song still manages to bring delight despite words about not measuring up to a mother’s thought of love. The band even mimics cicada-rattling calls through its use of instruments.

Toward the end of the EP, we hear the song “Teeny Tiny Folk Band.” The song gives a glimpse into the band’s touring life in a camper. Since visiting Shippensburg last fall, the duo has been training their mastiff puppy, Puddle. They have also been making music videos while performing across the country.

“Cardboard and Christmas Lights” is an EP that you can lose track of time in. You start on song one and suddenly you are at the end.

The Rough & Tumble has spent the past two months recording in Nashville for a full-length album they hope to release sometime in 2017. “Cardboard and Christmas Lights” is available now on iTunes and Spotify.

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