Marissa Merkt


LUNA bar unveils film festival

An attentive audience experienced what it is like being a recovering prisoner, a nanny’s daughter, a Jordan camp refugee and a synchronized swimmer Tuesday and Wednesday evening at LUNAFEST.

Carole Radziwill explores ‘What Remains’

Imagine your significant other has cancer. Now imagine finding out your best friend, who you were supposed to see in a few hours, died in a sudden plane crash. For Carole Radziwill, this was her grim reality.

GBLUES to bring dinner theater

It is a Saturday evening and you are in your dorm room trying to decide if you should microwave some Ramen or eat leftovers, but on March 11 your options expand to dinner and a show.

High schoolers unveil their ‘retrospectives’

Vivid owls representing different forms of hard drugs and ceramics showing the feud between individuals and society filled the Shippensburg Arts Programming & Education (SHAPE) gallery Friday evening.