Hot or Not 4/7

Hot: Homeless man receives new apartment for six months

Tom Mabe, the creator of “Prank it Forward,” helped move Ricky, a terminally ill homeless man, and his dog, Buddy, into a brand new furnished apartment.

Ricky was diagnosed with cancer and given six months to live, when Mabe decided to start a GoFundMe campaign to get Ricky comfortable housing for what appears to be the remainder of his life.

With money from the campaign and Mabe’s personal means, Ricky can now live out his remaining six months comfortably.

“[I] felt really good seeing Ricky and Buddy being able to stretch out in a bed, instead of the front seat of an old truck,” Mabe said to Huffington Post.

Not: Ted Cruz attacks secularism in first campaign advertisement

Ted Cruz’s first campaign ad, featuring Jesus, aired this past weekend.

In an effort to gain the support and following of evangelical Christians and a devoted conservative base, Cruz played “the religion card” in his first advertisement.

For the past several years, Republicans have run on a notion that America is a Christian nation and that we are deviating from that path, daily, by allowing women access to contraceptions as well as abortions, and by giving gays civil rights.

Cruz is hoping to find an audience among the millions of Christians in America, but is likely to fall short with anyone in favor of major social issues that are unfolding as 2016 draws nearer.

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