Hot or Not 3/31


Hot: Tesla cars will soon be able to drive themselves

Car manufacturing company Tesla will soon unveil a line of new cars capable of driving themselves.

“We can, basically, go between San Francisco and Seattle without the driver doing anything,” Elon Musk, Tesla CEO said to The Huffington Post. This new change in how people will get from point A to point B in their everyday lives is exciting drivers, but confusing insurance companies.

In response to fear surrounding the cars’ abilities, Musk commented, “It’s auto-steering in the sense of autopilot, like on an aircraft,” said Musk. “There’s an expectation that the pilot is paying attention.”

We could soon see the day when there are more cars on the road driving themselves than cars being driven directly by humans.

Not: Indiana’s ‘Religious Freedom’ law legalizes discrimination

Indiana recently passed a law that allows businesses, when taken to court, to cite religious freedoms as a defense for not serving customers. Opponents of the law noted that it was most likely going to lead to waves of legal discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.


So, what we really have here is Indiana giving a free pass to bigots. If a business does not want to serve someone, for whatever reason, now all they have to do is cite religious freedom when taken to court and the matter will disappear.

A number of public figures have already condemned the new law.

Apple CEO Tom Cook, who is openly gay and could be fairly discriminated against by the law, commented that he was “deeply disappointed” by the law.

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