Hot or Not?


: Ed Holtom

When Emma Watson, Goodwill Ambassador for Women, gave her awe-inspiring speech on gender equality at the United Nations, a lot of people were blown away. However, sadly a lot of people were not. Ugly rumors started to fly and her points were dismissed by some in the feminist community because she is a rich, white woman. According to one 15-year-old boy named Ed Holtom, from St Albans, England, many of his peers were not supportive of Watson’s speech. He wrote a letter, which was published in the U.K.‘s Sunday Telegraph defending Watson and restoring faith in the younger generation. “Recently we’ve been hearing about what it means to be “masculine” and what it means to be “feminine.” It means nothing, barring biological differences,” he wrote. He ended his note with a call to action for people to “stop caring about gender, stop caring about another person’s sexual preference, stop caring about how far someone fits in with the stereotype,” and finally ending with “we must not let gender define us.” Well done, Holtom!

LeSean McCoy

In light of recent scandals in the NFL and professional sports world, leaving a bad tip seems trivial. However, that does not get LeSean McCoy, running back for the Philadelphia Eagles, off the hook. He recently went to PYT, a novelty burger shop in Philadelphia, known for its creative sandwiches and adult milkshakes. He and his friends racked up a $60 bill in which he left a 20 cent tip on. Tommy Up, the owner was so outraged that he exposed the receipt online. It went viral on Twitter and Facebook. While I do not condone sharing customer’s information or shaming them online, I also do not condone getting $60 worth of food and leaving a 20 cent tip. Not hot, McCoy.

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