College students talk abortion

Abortion is a hot topic often discussed with vigor, and it touches on subjects involving life and death, religion, politics, and birth control.

Facts and statistics can shed light on myths regarding abortion. For example, a baby is aborted every 26 seconds in America, according to A global study revealed that the abortion rate and abortion legality do not have a significant correlation, according to an article at

Sixty-eight percent of Americans said they believe abortion should only be legal in certain circumstances, and 11 percent believe it always be illegal, according to Sixty-four percent of women who had an abortion said they felt pressured. The top reasons women said they had an abortion is because the child would interfere with other responsibilities (74 percent), and they could not afford the child (73 percent.) Forty-eight said they did not want to be a single parent, or it would cause relationship problems, and less than two percent said it was due to rape or incest.

View the video below for a range of opinions from current Shippensburg University students.

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