Robyn Woodley


Surviving Random Roommates

“They used to have really, really wild parties and their friends used to do stuff in my bathroom,” said Greg, Shippensburg University Frustrated Student #1.

No treatment for non-Americans

The United States needs to allow non-U.S. citizen health care workers into the U.S. for a better chance at survival. Ebola begins with flu-like symptoms such as fever, headache, muscle pain, chills and fatigue.

College students talk abortion

Abortion is a hot topic often discussed with vigor, and it touches on subjects involving life and death, religion, politics, and birth control.

Students fall victim to hypnotist

A comedy hypnotist put daring volunteers into a trance that made them succumb to his suggestions Thursday night at Shippensburg University’s Ceddia Union Building. Certified hypnotherapist Eric Mina, began by proving the power of suggestion by performing a couple of tricks on the audience.

Local belly dancing instructor talks body image and confidence

With every hip-shake and every step they took to Turkish pop music, the belly dancers shone with confidence in their curves on the dance floor. Deborah Colley of Shippensburg wants her students to throw their stress out the car window as they drive past the peaceful fields of horses toward her studio.

Keep that pole dancer dancing

Recently in Ocean City, Md., a pole dancer set up a portable pole on the boardwalk and began dancing for tips. Legally, there is nothing the city can do to stop her. I hope it stays that way.

Observing thoughts from a distance

The sounds of ocean waves filled the room as a group of students and faculty members sat in silence, eyes closed, in meditation at the Shippensburg University’s Spiritual Center on Thursday.