Student Spotlight: Robyn Woodley


Everyone find a passion for something at different times in their life. These passions range from singing to running or playing football to painting. For The Slate’s own Multimedia and Web Director and Senior Robyn Woodley, it is photography.

As a communication/journalism major with an English emphasis, Woodley chose to attend Shippensburg University because of its accredited journalism program. According to Woodley, “the journalism program is fantastic and I learn so much from it.”

She immediately got involved in The Slate during her first semester on campus as the Multimedia Director to get a head-start on experience in the journalism field. Woodley learns more from The Slate than from her classes.

“Honestly I adore people who work on The Slate and I’ve made friends from it,” Woodley said. “Also the experience I’ve gained is huge.”

Woodley discovered her love for photography when she took a two-week career path program in Washington DC during her senior year in high school.

Originally, she wanted to focus on graphic design during the program but something told her to choose photography instead. Woodley fell in love with it because of how adventurous photography can be.

“It combines the adventure of going out to events and meeting new people with the creative and more artistic aspect of it,” Woodley said. “You never stop learning new techniques.”

On campus, she enjoys taking pictures of unique events and different acts that perform at the Luhrs Performing Arts Center. When off campus, Woodley photographs the town and different events at The Thought Lot. She also likes taking pictures of abstract imagery and enjoys artistic photography in her spare time.

However, Woodley’s favorite thing to photograph is people.

“I love portraiture. It’s definitely my favorite because there are so many aspects to photograph people with their expressions, emotions and so on.”

Entering her final semester, Woodley hopes to prepare for what the future will hold.

“My dream job is to travel the world, write and photograph,” Woodley said. “I graduate this December and will hopefully find a job and move to a city with a lot of culture.”

Woodley has a unique appreciation for the work she does and photography overall. It won’t be difficult to recognize one of her signature photographs in her future work. She hopes that one day everyone can fully appreciate the art of photography.

“The only thing I don’t like is when people believe that photography is as simple as pressing a button.”

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