Hot or Not


Angela Coates

Over the summer, the Internet was introduced to Jeremy Meeks, a convicted felon, whose mug shot was dubbed “the hottest.” Last week, Angela Coates, a model from Florida, was deemed the female Jeremy Meeks after her mug shot went viral. Though her physical attractiveness makes Coates “hot,” her reaction to the ordeal was impressive. While some people would fall a part after an incident like that, Coates spoke out. She claims the mug shot was from a false arrest, saying “I was released the same night. This is straight comedy.”

*Not *
Aceh, Indonesia

Aceh, Indonesia has instituted a new package of law, based on Islamic Sharia law, which comes with harsh punishments. One of the most controversial punishments is lashes or public floggings. Some offenses that result in a public flogging include gambling, extramarital sex, consumption of alcohol and homosexuality. Homosexuality and extramarital sex carry a heavy sentence of 100 lashes. Though the laws are based off of Islam, all Acehnese citizens must follow it, including non-Muslims.

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