Family Guy vs. The Simpsons: The cartoon battle continues


I feel as though this question has gone through all of our minds, at some point, growing up: “The Simpsons” or “Family Guy?” Both have grown on us throughout the years, but it is a hard task to sit down and compare the two. They are similar, but very different at the same time. I am no critic, but coming from someone who is a fan of both shows, it is hard to choose my favorite.

As I watched “The Simpson’s” 12-day marathon on FXX last week, I realized that I felt like a little kid again, so excited to sit and watch endless hours of the show. I think that most of us feel a certain loyalty towards “The Simpsons.” After all, it is older than most of us who are graduating this year. We have not known a time without those loveable, yet odd yellow people.

After 25 seasons and 552 episodes, Matt Groening and his crew are still coming up with ideas of how the Simpsons family will gather on the couch after the theme song.

Then we have “Family Guy,” one of the most ridiculously hilarious shows I have ever seen on television. Though it has not been on TV as long, the show has still seen its share of air time with 12 seasons under its belt. As dark as the show can be, we cannot help but find the different stabs at celebrities and famous cutaways. It is humorous no matter who or what the joke is directed at.

I will admit it, I never get tired of Peter’s offensive or senseless antics, such as him diving into a chair and “forgetting how to sit down”. Plus, how could you not love a smart-mouthed British baby hell-bent on world domination and killing his mommy? Stewie is the most adorably evil character I have ever seen, but can someone please tell me if anyone but Brian can understand what he is saying? Speaking of Brian, how often do you see a talking dog drinking martinis in a cartoon? Now that is an interesting show.

I am fairly new to watching “Family Guy” and am already in love with its favorable characters and “did they seriously just say that?” stings at society. Seth MacFarlane has really impressed and surprised me with his ability to walk on thin ice with his crude humor. Especially regarding race and religion. I still have no idea how some of his material ends up making it to television.
So does one triumph the other?

Stewie or Bart? Peter or Homer? Obviously, everyone is going to have their own opinions and loyalty towards one or both shows. I will always have a special place in my heart for “The Simpsons” since I cannot remember a time without it and it always brings me a good laugh. On the other hand, I cannot remember a time that I have cried laughing at “The Simpsons” like I have at “Family Guy,” and that is something that matters to me. Those who know me know that I love a good laugh.
After talking to 10 people, I found that 7 of them favored “Family Guy” over “The Simpsons.” I believe that Junior Anna Burnhisel, who chose ‘Family Guy”, had a great reason to choose the show.

“I think that even though I love “The Simpsons”, I’ve seen so many of them and still have a lot to see with Family Guy.”

You decide for yourself, and if you really want to see the shows battle it out, “The Simpsons Guy” special premieres September 28 on FOX.

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