The art of the one-night stand


Depending on who you ask, a one-night stand can be a defining moment in one’s life or it can fall in the category of life’s biggest regrets. Just like anything else in life there is always two sides of a spectrum and unfortunately if you are a male or female you have been on both sides — unless you are saving yourself for marriage then kudos to you. Being the male that I am it leads me to believe that one-night stands are not that bad after all. Just hear me out.

If you are a guy you know the reasoning behind all those corny baseball analogies you heard when it came to the topic of how far you got with a girl that the aim was to hit a home run.

Well, another baseball analogy that could be used while we are on that subject would be how your teammates congratulate you after you just hit that home run. Of course everyone has the preconception that all guys just run straight to their buddies and brag about the chick they just fornicated with. While most of the time that is true to some extent, what people miss is the underlying principle of respect.

There is a certain something about this kind of respect that makes men want to keep it at such a high level.

Do not get me wrong, this same principle also holds true when it comes to girls after they pull a guy. Their whole clique raves about how good he was the previous night.

The major difference is, and I feel that I have to mention this to get it out of the way, is that if you come to be known for getting around then you get the title of being a slut. Whether you earned that title or not depends entirely on the situation.

Now that I got the common misconceptions of having one-night stands out of the way; it brings me to another reason why one-night stands are essential to a guy or girl’s life.

That one-night stand that you always wanted to have and for some reason the cards were in your favor, it could turn out to become an actual relationship.

A relationship that seemed possible but was missing that one thing to put it to the next level. Who knows, maybe that one drunken night was necessary. If that relationship actually turns out to be a longstanding bond then it will be because of those random acts of lust. That experience you gained is crucial in deciding what exactly you are looking for in the opposite sex. I will leave you with two final rules that should always be remembered when it comes to one-night stands. Always make sure it is consensual and never forget to wear your raincoat.

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