McFeely's Coffeehouse hosts craft night


As spring break approaches and Shippensburg University professors beef up the workload, it is clear why students were magnetized to the creative reward of a do-it-yourself craft night at McFeely’s Coffeehouse on Saturday, March 8.

“It’s relaxing,” said Amber Boyle, elementary education major, as she allowed multicolored squares to dry to her weighted down red balloon.

Boyle and Brooke Ready, communication/journalism major, were in the final stages of creating a DIY confetti bowl as they discussed their fondness for crafts.

The first-year students both downed a free “Spring Break,” which is McFeely’s appropriately-named peach and yogurt smoothie.

Kayla Mantush, CUB activities manager, and Jackii Joseph, CUB activities manager-in-training, discovered the project on Pinterest.

DIY projects have taken up popularity on the Internet, crowding websites such as Pinterest, an image-based social media website, and Etsy, an online store for homemade or vintage merchandise.

Creating a confetti bowl is a simple, though messy, way to make colorful pieces of eye candy. Throughout the evening, Mantush, Joseph and Sara Mullen refilled bowls of glue while students painted and sprinkled confetti on their balloons.

The floor grew more and more colorful as tiny bits of paper floated down. Staff continued to give out free smoothies until the coffee and fruit flavors dwindled off the menu.

Loud pop music worked with dim lighting to invoke an entertaining atmosphere. Every 15 minutes, CUB student activities staff drew raffle tickets. Lucky partakers whose number matched the ticket won a gift card to Wal mart. The grand drawing was worth $75.

McFeely’s Coffeehouse series is something that can steer students away from underage drinking, Mantush said.

DIY Confetti Bowl


1 balloon
1 cup
2 bowls
1 sponge
8 oz. container of Mod Podge


1.Inflate the balloon to the size you want your bowl to be. Use a cup to stand it upright.

2.Spread an even layer of Mod Podge across the top half of the balloon with a sponge, and then coat it with confetti. Hold onto the balloon and turn to coat the sides.

3.Allow it to dry, and add another layer of glue and confetti. Repeat this several times for a thick coating. After the first coat, use the sponge to press down the confetti to keep them from coming loose.

4.Let it dry for 8-10 hours before popping the balloon.

5.Trim and shape the edges to complete your new confetti bowl.

McFeely’s Coffeehouse, stashed behind the information desk at the Ceddia Union Building, has gained popularity in the past year with events ranging from comedy acts and live music to dart tournaments and twerking musical chairs.

Go to to keep an eye out for upcoming events. Local performers looking to display their talent at McFeely’s Coffeehouse should email or call (717) 477–1560.

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