Could Tinder be the new eHarmony of the world for college kids?


There is a new dating app on the market and if you are single and bored like me, I have news for you.

The app is called Tinder, and it will take your dating life to a new level.

Here is how it works: You create a profile with five of your most flattering pictures and a sentence or two about yourself.

Next thing you know it, your profile is catapulted into a roulette of singles in your area.
It is a beautifully simple process.

You see a picture of someone and you either tap LIKE or NOPE.

A split-second later you see someone new, and then someone new, over and over again.
If you LIKE them and they LIKE you, then you are set up to chat, and who knows where it will go from there.

Before you know it, you are doling out alternating NOPES and LIKES at machine gun speed.
Soon you will find yourself Tindering before class, in the bathroom, on the bus, even in your underwear before you get dressed in the morning.

It is not just you either. According to the Huffington Post, Tinder users are rating other users 400 million times every day.

Tinder is great because you get access to a huge pool of local singles without having to spend hours creating an elaborate profile.

As a guy, Tinder makes dating much easier because it completely eliminates the need to approach an attractive female, think of an opening, and try to gauge whether she finds you attractive.
If you are matched, all of that guesswork is already taken care of.

You can start talking on the mutual assumption that you are interested in each other.
You do not even have to check to see if you have morning coffee breath.

Many Tinder users employ strategy to harvest more matches. One of the most popular ploys is to post a picture of yourself among a large group of your best looking friends.

I think the theory is that if you are among good looking people, your attractiveness will be rounded up by default.

I have noticed that girls tend to like this approach.

It may allure some guys, but I usually skip girls that do this.

Scrolling through a girl’s pictures and never actually figuring out which one she is can be pretty exhausting.

Having an intriguing tagline can sometimes be the tiny edge that makes someone like you. Careful, though.

If you are too specific or demanding with your tagline, there is a good chance you will be labeled as high-maintenance and get a big ol’ nope.

It is best to stick with something fun, short and upbeat. My experience with Tinder has been generally positive.
I have had some fun and flirtatious conversations, and made some Facebook friends with girls that I would normally be too nervous to approach.

If something long term results, I will not have a problem with telling people, “actually, we met on Tinder.”

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