Benjamin Anwyll


The ‘stache’ is back

Brace yourselves: Moustache Mania has hit Shippensburg University. Call them what you will: lip doilies, cookie dusters, soup strainers, or simply ‘staches,’ these caterpillars will soon be crawling all over campus. The craze started when SU students Todd Hayes, Ravone Cornish, David Stein and the Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC) hosted “Shave the Date” this past Wednesday, Oct.

Jack Frost Baffles Weathermen

It appears Jack Frost has finally been evicted from Pennsylvania, at least until next year. In his wake, he left a record-setting Pennsylvanian winter wonderland.

Speaker discusses biases against disabled people

Kim Nielsen, disability historian and acclaimed author of “A Disability History of the United States” and “The Radical Lives of Helen Keller,” delivered a speech at Shippensburg University on Wednesday, Oct.